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Of all the diverse channels that are accessible to contact forthcoming customers or stay in contact with existing ones that of Bulk SMS is the most savvy one. is expert in offering SMS Marketing Services.



We value your trust and honor you have bestowed on us. So we provide you the liberty to transmit SMS to your target audience in every second. With this affordable and consumer friendly large We value your trust and honor you have bestowed on us. With this affordable and consumer friendly volume SMS marketing services you will feel better prepared and completely control of the complete affair.

SMS offers best Advantages 

Manage your Address E book / Phone E book.

Manage sets of users (like friends in a single group, clients in other group, staffs on another group) etc.

You could send communication instantly to anybody customer or even to a specific group.

You could plan the functional system to send information on a specific night out and the perfect time to individuals or categories.

Upload Excel Sheet, Notepad Record or Comma Delimited Document to send SMS without making address book.



We will provide HTTP API for integration with your personal desktop or web applications/software in virtually any languages (Provide Sample Source Rules in various dialects Asp.World wide web, Asp, PHP, Java, C#.World wide web, VB etc.)

Excel Plug-in also available (You could send text message without login our web user interface, save individual name & security password into Excel and send text message without the interruption.)

Customized/Personalize Text message Feature Available.

Hindi Text message or SMS in virtually any Dialects also available.

DND / Non-DND Purification Available on large SMS web program.


Sender Identification: For Exchange Text sender id size would be Personas only, For Promotional Text message sender id period would be 6 Numeric Character types only.

SMS Delivery Survey Available (We offer Delivery Studies latest six months maximum)

Message Layouts - You could save your valuable various themes into our largeSMS software for even more use.

Our Mass Text Software helps Design template Founded System also, whereas you have to take endorsement of required subject matter templates you'll be able to send text with approved note templates only.

Optin / Optout Service - Whereas you may take optin from your clients (via Brief Code/Long Code) and connections kept in Main List. Once optin, if someone needs optout then also possible.




This Text System isn't just for personal use, but this is also quite effective business tool to send instant notification for you clients.

Our SMS marketing Software competent to send thousands of communications per second.

We provide White Labeled Volume SMS Software Program or in your own Brand along Company logo and all.

SMS Consideration Expiry & Low Text Balance Alert: Time to time our volume SMS software delivers alerts to see you the existing SMS account position.






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